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Diamond asked 2 years ago

  I\’m assuming the shell nodes and deadline scripts are in the purchasable hip scene and not the demo? I\’m curious as to how you set it up for \”pipeline\” and post render scripting.  Didn\’t see anything in the FAQ about it, thank you for your time.

2 Answers
admin answered 2 years ago

Hi Diamond,
Yes, Shell nodes are only in purchasable HIP Scene.
Shell executes ffmpeg with parameters like input path, output path, color space and compression, etc. You will need to download ffmpeg and put it in specified folder, installation is described after purchase. Shell nodes work great with Deadline submitter, once render job is done, Shell jobs are executed by Deadline. Its pretty seamless.
Deadline submitter is standard ROP from Thinkbox. You download it from Thinkbox website and install. There is nothing custom in Deadline Submiter in CrusherSOP products.

diamond answered 2 years ago

Hey great. Thank you.  As I said, Im very curious about workflow with the rendering and post sim setups, materials, rop nets etc.  May be purchasing the hipfile in the future. Appreciate the quick answer.