Hyein lee asked 2 years ago

I am trying to purchase your plugin and I have a quick question.
I am considering between complete package and studio package.
It seems like only difference between two packages is whether one has HDA source code or not.
What exactly is HDA source code? What does it do? How does it benefit me?
Is the plugin’s complete function fully utilizable with complete package?
Let me know
Kind Regards,
Hye in lee 

1 Answers
admin answered 2 years ago

HDA is locked in Complete edition. That means that you cannot dive inside this HDA, so you cannot see how its build or modify its content. It can be useful to dive in, if you want to change some behavior or add a feature by yourself.
Source Code is Python code inside this HDA, which is the heart of its logic.
HDA in Complete edition is fully functional tool. You can cut and fracture geometry as you wish.
Please familiarize yourself with FAQ, it answers many questions regarding diving in and licensing.
Thank you