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Michael Foy asked 2 years ago

Does crusher work with the vertex animated textures and the RBD to FBX game dev tools?
Also, does crusher allow for animated items, such as a column, to be hand animated as it falls over , then go to rbd behavior on impact?

1 Answers
admin answered 2 years ago

Hello Michael,
CrusherSOP HDA is a fracturing tool. Think of this as a Voronoi SOP with extra control, its just a small piece of the whole RBD workflow.
I don’t see any reason why it would not work with RBD to FBX game dev tools. I encourage you to try demo and see how it works with vertex animation.
For your second question about animated objects. That would be handled in RBD setup, not CrusherSOP HDA. Typical workflow would be to prefracture geometry, and animate piece activation. My example HIP Scene does not cover this case, but would be easy to implement.